Marketing Tips

There’s no right way to advertise this program, just your way. Be creative!

Jazz4Justice is a simple concept, and the sky’s the limit with how you choose to market your own event. It is a fundraiser, so you’ll want to minimize your advertising expenses as you maximize your networking.


Sponsors are very important to your gross proceeds. In the past, participants have created a tiered sponsor system, with names based on the concert theme. Click here for an example of a Sponsor Form. It’s up to you to determine what each sponsor level should include.

Advertising and Marketing Successes

Many different approaches have been used in marketing Jazz4Justice. A few examples include:

  • Post-concert Jam Session; invite local musicians of all ages to join the university’s musicians for a jam session after the concert
  • Pre- or Post-concert reception;  bear in mind that this activity may require a  license to serve alcohol. One way to offset cost is to obtain donations from local restaurants and cafes. 
  • Encourage patrons to purchase multiple tickets and donate them to local middle- and high-school music programs, or to the Boys’/Girls’ Clubs or Scouts
  • Tap into your Senior communities! Make it an event for local 55+ residences.
  • Ask around at local businesses for gift cards and and then hold a raffle. Create VIP Packages including valet parking, reserved seating, drink coupons for a pre-concert cocktail hour, or whatever you think will entice your area residents.
  • Advertise in campus publications and on-campus event signs/jumbotrons
  • Send out email blast campaigns from schools to alumni, and from legal organizations to their membership and contacts
  • Advertise in local and Industry publications

And so much more! If you use a successful marketing strategy that isn’t listed here, please pass it along. This is a community effort and it’s very helpful to share success stories.

A Community Connection that Paid Off

For its second concert, one university in Virginia incorporated a local elementary school’s chorus into their concert. Their audience increased by close to 70% and net proceeds increased 56% from the previous year! Including the children ChiefEssays.Net attracted many local residents who had never before attended a concert at the university. It was also a “family friendly” event, so residents were able to bring small children with them, which appealed to many attendees.

An example of a clever video promo created by students for Shenandoah University’s inaugural Jazz4Justice concert: